RFT Idea Strategy

Sensible Solutions

RFT Search Group provides you with practical and easy solutions for your business.
Sometimes internal problems are not solved by just replacing someone. We help companies identify the best use of their staff in order to maximize their own potential and assist in filling in the ‘talent gaps’. Having the right people in the right roles can make a huge difference in the success of a department, team or the entire company!

Forward Thinking

The team at RFT Search Group not only works for today but thinks about your business of tomorrow.
We plan our recruiting campaigns to identify those who are promotable when the time comes. Remember the Peter Principle? We don’t want that to happen to your employees! As your business grows, it is important that the right people are in place to help take your business to the next level. When there is attrition, we’d like to have the right employees in place who can step in and your team won’t miss a beat.

Our Client Strategy

We at RFT Search Group help our clients achieve and retain the greatest possible success.
Our extensive screening process allows us to determine which talent will be successful and which behaviors are best managed within your company’s culture. By identifying characteristics that allow employees to be successful, our successful fill rate is quite high. Discussing career path opportunities during the screening and interviewing process helps us in discovering which candidates have long term potential for the growth and longevity of your company.

Beyond the Box

RFT Search Group strongly believes in delivering innovative strategies to your hiring needs.
Hiring based on a job description isn’t always the best way to hire! Often, the right candidates won’t get excited about a job description. Identifying your company’s culture and recruiting to support it will yield more successful placements. There are even times where replacing an employee who left isn’t the best use of your current resources. Evaluating and possibly shifting responsibilities, then bringing in an employee to fill those ‘talent gaps’, allows us to think Beyond The Box!

Direct Hire

Our Direct Hire process begins the same way as the Trial Hire; determining criteria for the right candidate, specialized recruiting campaign, and our extensive four hour behavioral based interview process.

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Contingent Recruiting

Companies who don’t have a full time recruiter on staff will benefit from our Contingent Recruiting plan. You provide the job description and criteria for the open positions and we will provide you with a selection of prequalified candidates.

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Candidates that you have prescreened will be evaluated through our behavioral based screening process. Each candidate will be evaluated based on criteria like the culture of the company, the nature of the position, etc.

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